Assassinate & dumping strategy of Pakistani Military

Story Highlights
  • Baloch seek answers from Pakistan as more disappear in conflict
  • Pakistan: Woman suicide bomber change in Baloch rebels’ strategy?
  • Why is Balochistan an easy target?
  • Why are Baloch and Sindhi people disappearing in Balochistan and Sindh?

Pakistan- Islamabad: After enforced disappearance ‘Kill and dump policy by Pakistani Forces’ is common in Pakistan.

On a cold January night in Pakistani capital city Islamabad, where the outside temperature decreased to ten degrees Celsius (about fifty degrees Fahrenheit). Mahrang Baloch and other Baloch women, on the other hand, is undaunted. Mahrang Baloch told the Sindh Time news that, thousands people belonging to ethnically Baloch population that have been peacefully protesting against unlawful killings & arbitrary disappearances of innocent and peaceful Baloch people by Pakistani forces in Balochistan region since several years.

Balaach, twenty years old had been abducted from the Turbat residence in the evening of the 29th of October by a group dressed in civilian attire, who introduced themselves intelligence agency officers. Following public demonstrations, their relatives submitted a report of missing people via the Pakistani forces but never heard back until more than a month. On the twentieth of November he ultimately appeared before the tribunal in Turbat.

“Ultimately, we were here in courtroom while the law enforcement carried him,” said Najma told Sindh Time news. “He was giving me a quiet eye contact. He looked fragile looking like he had been battered & frightened. If we went to communicate with him, he might merely bow & recognize us without saying nothing.”

The province Counter Terrorist Department (CTD) asserted in its statement that Balaach revealed to his involvement with “terrorist endeavors” he showed locations wherever his accomplices were sheltering. The CTD stated that its squad was attacked when they were trying to capture the combatants, murdering Balaach during the course of events.

Balochistan, home to approximately 15 million homes of Pakistani culture approximately 240 million population inhabitants, is among among the nation’s most impoverished, although having wealthy in mineral wealth such as oil, coal, gold, copper, and gas reserves, that contribute significant cash for the government of Pakistan. Balochistan contains The Gwadar Pakistani’s lone deep-sea the harbor, which serves as an important commerce expressway associated with the $60 billion economic corridor between China and Pakistan (CPEC), which seeks to link southern China with the Arabian Gulf via Islamabad.

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