Putin taunts West as North Korean journey is confirmed

Russian President Vladimir Putin taunts the West and states that the North Korean journey is confirmed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will start his journey to North Korea after 24 years today, the Kremlin has confirmed the news after a long time of estimation over the much-hyped visit.

Vladimir Putin has agreed to travel to North Korea for a two-day visit starting today, the Kremlin said. This is the Russian president’s first trip to the country in 24 years and the latest sign of an extending arrangement that raises extensive worldwide alarm.

Putin’s trip to North Korea will have a “very exciting” schedule, his advisor Yuri Ushakov said through a press conference. Both leaders plan to form a new tactical corporation.

Ushakov maintained that the treaty is not challenging or meant against other countries but is meant to ensure bigger steadiness in northeast Asia. Ushakov said that Putin would sign the new agreements between Mosco and North Korea and would replace papers signed between Moscow and Pyongyang in 1961, 2000, and 2001.

This is an erratic foreign journey for Putin since Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine began in 2022 and a key moment for North Korean President Kim Jong Un, who has not encountered another world leader in Pyongyang—among the globe’s most politically remote capitals—since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vladimir Putin will travel to North Korea this week as he looks for sustained military support for the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine from one of the world’s most secluded nations.

After Kim Jong Un’s big green bulletproof train rolled around Russia’s Far East last year, the North Korean leader requested that Putin visit his country. Putin accepted that invitation.

It is a rare trip overseas for Putin, who has restricted his worldwide travel to friendly countries since he launched the full-scale assault and became the subject of an international criminal court arrest warrant for the mass banishment of children from Ukraine to Russia.

North Korea has provided Russia with millions of rounds of Soviet-era artillery munitions as a crucial lifeline to prop up the Russian military campaign in Ukraine. The US secretary of defense, an American spokesman, told policymakers that the supplies of munitions and missiles, as well as Iranian drones, had helped the Russian military “get back up on their feet.”

In return, Russia is supposed to have provided aid to North Korea’s satellite program, as well as other weapons, economic aid, and diplomatic support. Kim visited Russia’s Far East last year, meeting Putin in Vladivostok during a trip where Kim visited a factory producing modern fighter jets and the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

Between August and February, Pyongyang shipped about 6,700 containers to Russia, which could accommodate more than 3 million rounds of 152 mm artillery shells or more than 500,000 rounds of 122 mm multiple rocket launchers.

Russia is probably seeking ammunition, manufacturing workers, and even helpers to go to the front lines in Ukraine, according to political rumors.

In reply, Pyongyang could get Russian crops as well as technological help for military goals, including its long-range missile program, ultimately being within striking distance of the US.


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