Slavery of the IMF has destroyed the economy.

Loaning, mega corruption, tax hikes, and slavery of the IMF have destroyed the economy of Pakistan: Amir Azhar Bakhtiar Khilji

LAHORE: Azhar Bakhtiar Khilji, the acting member of the Islamic Organization of Pakistan, stated while addressing a local gathering. Furthermore, He said that Interest-based loans, unplugged bribery, substantial taxes, and IMF suppression have crumbled Pakistan’s economy.

Additionally, Mr. Khilji indicated that the National Economic Survey for the fiscal year 2023–24 has proved that the government has despondently failed to accomplish the economic targets.

Pakistani Economy going down Imran Khan

Moreover, he grieved that the economy of the world’s fifth-largest country in terms of population is such that the growth rate during the last financial year was only 2.38 percent while the average inflation reached 24.5 percent.

Mr. Khilji said that the fact is that backbreaking inflation has made the lives of the people haram, and all the necessities of life are becoming out of the reach of the common man. He revealed that due to the poor economic policies of the government, industry, trade, and remittances from abroad, zero percent foreign investment and services sectors have been badly affected.

He said that the budget for the financial year 2024–25 is the budget of the elite, in which additional taxes of trillions of dollars have been imposed on the people trapped under the mountain of inflation.

Amir Azhar Bakhtiar Khilji said that the main reason for the country’s economy falling into such a blind ditch is the curse of interest loans, which can be gauged from the fact that Rs 9775 billion has been allocated for payment of interest on loans in the recent budget.

Mr. Khilji raised the question of how Pakistan’s economy would be able to bear the deficit of billions of dollars in the budget. Mr. Khilji demanded that the government take practical steps to boost the economic conditions of the country and seriously work on the welfare of the people of the country instead of hollow slogans like “save the state” and take tough economic decisions.

Khilji addresses the need to remove the curse of interest from the country by removing all obstacles in the way of immediate and complete implementation of the decision of the Federal Shariat Court.

Mr. Khilji said that arrangements should be made to eliminate corruption and bring back the wealth earned from corruption abroad to Pakistan. Self-reliance should be made the basis for getting rid of the shackles of the IMF and other global colonial institutions.

He suggested that there is only one solution to Pakistan’s economic problems and that is to build the country’s economy according to the principles of Islam. Only by adopting the economic system of Islam can stability and prosperity come to the country.


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