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Bilawal promises PTI supporters to halt “political of vengeance”.

Bilawal promises to halt the “political of vengeance” & invites PTI supporters to cast votes for the PPP in polls.

PPP Leader Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari vowed to “burial policies of retribution” and implored PTI supporters to vote for their party in the upcoming elections. During an open forum in Lahore, wherein his younger sister Aseefa also attended, he stated that “I personally witnessed the tyranny imposed by the PML-N and we would never want on an elected supporter to go through this suffering.”

“I do not believe in politics of oppression,”

The PPP leader stressed that the PML-N & People’s Party of Pakistan would battle it out during the forthcoming elections and urged PTI followers to vote for the People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP). The field of politics, he claimed, wasn’t about incarcerating women who belong to opposing sides. He commented of the PML-N, “Those who are who proclaim to uphold the integrity of the electoral process are currently engaged on electoral maneuvers and contradict their founding philosophy.”

Additionally, Bilawal invited PML-N members, stating, “Come to me, and I will take care of you and respect your vote.”

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