Government of Sindh has put into operation Online System for handling complaints.

Human Rights Department Government of Sindh recently put into operation an entirely mechanized online system of handling complaints.

Karachi: All citizens of Sindh, as well as those representing Sindh and living globally, are now able to submit complaints via Online Complaints Management System of Human Rights Department, Government of Sindh. To keep track of any human rights violations throughout the province of Sindh & respond rapidly to those complaints, the Sindh government has launched a web-based robotic complaint center.

Barrister Omar Soomro, Minister for Human Rights Government of Sindh, called an urgent meeting with administrative secretaries of all departments and allied institutions of government of Sindh, to ensure the web-based automatic complaints Management system is fully functional. During the conference call, secretaries were issued strict directions to speed up the procedures on performing rapidly upon complaints regarding Sindh officers as well officials of public sector.

The Secretary Human Rights Department further stated that complete information about every large and small factories in the province of Sindh, along with an exhaustive roster of the employees laboring at those manufacturing facilities, are going to be stored within the web-based automated complaints Management system, which means the department will shortly be sending notifications regarding the Secretary Labor as well as Secretary Industries. She proceeded further to explain that an advertising campaign was recently set up aimed at motivating citizens of the province of Sindh to use the online automated complaints management system, as well as everybody will be educated about it via electronic as well as social media advertising.

Tehseen Fatima, Secretary Human Rights Department, pointed out that the Human Rights Department has established a group of experts to tackle every human rights infringements occurring throughout rural part of Sindh, and these will pay visits to all both big and small towns as well be sure prompt action upon citizen’s issues.

Barrister Omar Soomro, the minister of the Human Rights Department, informed Sindh TIME that the in accordance with information gathered by the UN as well as the European Union, almost 6 million kids are not attending schools. These data on kids is going to be obtained in an archive using a web-based automatic complaint system, as well as their academic achievement will be made possible by opening up of several hundred closed educational institutions across the region. Barrister Omar Soomro, Minister Human Rights Department, included that within just over two months, electronically computerized complaint system locations have been set up in six divisions as well 8 districts of the province of Sindh, when the letters have been sent to every one of the remained deputy commissioner asking for two-room office spaces.

Barrister Omar Soomro, Minister Human Rights Department additionally stated that citizens of the province of Sindh must lodge complaints using an automated online complaint system set up from the Human Rights Department once recording their complaints upon the portal via cell phones. The Human Rights Department will commence actions and keep interaction with victims till their grievances are resolved. Barrister Omar Soomro, pointed out that if citizens are unable to access the World Wide Web, they may register complaints to the computerized complaints center established by the Human Rights Department in all cities of the Sindh Province.

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