Sindh is under severe heatwave heat waves.

Record temperatures arrived in all cities of the Sindh, heat waves reached up-to 48.2 degrees

The hottest city has always been Shaheed Benazirabad, with hottest setting of 48.5 °C, the Meteorological Department Pakistan has expected, highest temperature during the day that may be increased up to 48 degree and heat pressure would be reach at peak in Sindh, would be “projected to continue 46 to 48 degrees Celsius. The highest average temperature in 12 cities’ including provincial capital Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Shaheed Benazirabad, Dadu, Jacobabad, Sakrand, Padidan, Chhor, Mithi, Thatta, Tandojam had been risen 48 degrees Celsius.

According to Met Department, the highest hotness in Karachi 46.2°C is recorded. As per Met Department highlighted, the severe temperatures of previous decades, saying that the 2015 scorching in Karachi happened because of the development of a peculiar depressive disorders, while the extent of it remained limited to the coastal city.

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On last Saturday, more than twelve towns were reported temperatures surpassing 46°C. Including Shaheed Benazirabad observed an ambient temperature of 48.5°C, which was 3.9°C higher than the typical monthly temperature of 44.6°C. Dadu and Jacobabad both registered 47.5°C, an increase of 2.5°C and 3.7°C over respective monthly normal temperatures.

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