Latest innovation, the ‘indoor’ solar sheets, have placed its feet in the world of technology.

The indoor solar sheets, are quickly replacing the old solar system.

Now there is no need for sunlight or battery backup. Solar panels are replaced by a new technology, ‘indoor’ solar products. Now, indoor solar sheets will work without sunlight or batteries for backup. Actually, indoor solar sheets have emerged to replace the solar system.

solar sheets

The Exeger Company, a Sweden-based company, was established in 2009, primarily focusing on solar cell technology for improving life. The Exeger Company has started a new era and opened up a universe with self-powered indoor solar sheets.

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Exeger Company has invented and manufactures solar cells that drive new possibilities for light-powered products. These solar cells, named Powerfoyl indoor solar sheets, transform any kind of light, indoor or outdoor, into electrical power. Indoor solar sheets have a uniquely flexible and customizable design to integrate seamlessly for sustainable and attractive products.

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