North Korea launches cruise missiles near its eastern coastline

Story Highlights
  • Is North Korea's leadership really planning fighting?
  • Kim Jong-un reaffirmed its erstwhile core objective of reuniting.
  • South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol briefed the legislature last week.

North Korea recently fired six cruiser missiles in seas offshore its eastern coast, as reported by the South Korean defense.

North Korea unveiled an innovative tactical cruise missiles named Pulhwasal-3-31. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is growing harsher over his strategic positioning & spoken language over the past several months. abandoning many ceasefire accords & enhancing aggression.
Pyongyang has asserted that it has been testing an entirely novel solid-fuelled missiles plus undersea drones for attack designed for transporting a nuclear weapon after the start of January.

They following a two-year period of near-monthly launches of missiles & armament fabrication in apparent defiance of international laws. In February, Kim Jong Un stated his enduring goal of reconciliation with South Korea was now left behind classifying the South as the “primarily foe”. This caused is concerned the North Korea is gearing up military conflict.

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol warned the cabinet recently that should the North had insulted it, South Korea will “respond several times more powerful,” citing the South Korean military’s “overpowering retaliation powers.”

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