Illegal recruitment in the Sindh Education Department.

The Sindh Chief Secretary was directed by Supreme Court of Pakistan to form a committee of investigators in ten days to probe an allegedly counterfeits recruitment scam at Education Department Sindh. The panel is going to investigate the province’s education department’s whole recruiting procedure, as well as the veracity of the letters of appointment granted applicants who’s positions were ultimately cancelled by the authority right after their hire. Before deeming the appointments as illegal or initiating any kind of action on the people who filed the petition and serious punishment must have been taken on those who were accountable for this unlawfulness, if any were to be taken at the level of the departments.

The committee of inquiry will also request the entire record of the hiring procedure at the forefront of the current hearings in order to investigate the legitimacy of the letters of appointment provided to the respondents. The group of investigators will finish its inquiry in 90 days of its formation, and its results will then be reported to the petitioner on paper. The people who filed the petition can apply for proper legal compensation under the rules if they are determined to be offended & unsatisfied by the conclusion from the inquiry.

Bribery done by the Deputy Secretary (Law) of School Education!

.According to Sources, the Deputy Secretary (law) of the Elementary and Secondary School Education Ministry Sindh who appeared before Supreme Court of Pakistan is also illegally appointed instructor in school and was  posted defying the ruling of the Supreme Court & has been serving illegally on that cadre job for a period of fifteen years. According to sources, Deputy Secretary (Law) of School Education and Literacy Department Sindh (Law), has connections with previous DEOs & Directors of School Education for allegedly handing over forged documents in exchange for payment. In addition, sources told Sindh Time that Deputy Secretary Law, SELD, who maintains a strong connection with the previous Secretary of Education Mr. Akbar Laghari, who performed millions of dollars in fraud by reselling and leasing government properties via Deputy Secretary Law SELD.

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