PM Kakar would not attend before International Court of Justice on the matter of the abducted Baloch youngsters.

Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, interim prime minister of Pakistan, said late Saturday he is not going to appear at the Islamabad High Court, or IHC, in a matter concerning the disappearance of Baloch teenagers. More then 50 kidnapped Baloch students hadn’t been discovered the day before the were scheduled to face before the court, the high court had ordered the leader of the government, pertinent interim ministries, & secretary of security & defense. The decisions were issued of a single-member court led by Judge Mohsin Akhtar Kayani in accordance with the findings and recommendations provided by the Baloch enforced disappearance Commission.

“Well, I will be away from residence because of my engagement in COP 28.” Being a prime minister, you clearly have plenty on your plate. In addition to that, i would assure that we’ll participate in additional important discussions,” he told.

will not attend IHC.

In an interview, interim Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti expressed doubts about calling the prime minister to speak. He stated that it would seem “inappropriate if the judiciary started calling the prime minister upon each additional small subject.”.

He stated that measures will be implemented in response to “justifiable allegations” from political groups, however he also stated that there might have been isolated occasions when officials have declined to permit organizations to set up gatherings.

On questioned whether he imagined what would happen following the elections were over, given the potential of charges claiming the elections were not completely translucent assad stated, “large political organizations and other important players will be given time to consider over this.”

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