Rangers slaughtered 10 people in Sindh.

Fascists & ethnically cleansing of Sindhi civilians by police enforcement in Pakistan at least 15 individuals dead & scores wounded phony fabricated operations showed in Sakrand area near Nawab Shah. Illegal permitted Rangers in the Sindh Province continued to violate the sacredness of lives by firing indiscriminate on unarmed civilians whereas they were reunited with their households in their houses in Mari community of Sakrand, the province of Sindh killing over 10 men, which includes women, as well as injuring when hospitalizing numerous more of them. Locals protested & barricaded the M-9 highway, pleading with each of the human rights organizations around worldwide to speak with their protests opposing the atrocities on worldwide stages. .

Rangers & Police proceeded to seize the residences!

A combined police as well as Rangers the operation was carried out in the small town, said to the interim home minister, Sindh, according to intelligence regarding the existence of a suspected terrorist. But they received opposition among the residents, leading to an altercation. The local fellow residents, on the opposite hand, report.

.The World Sindhi Congress (WSC), an international human rights organization, also characterized law enforcement operations as “fascists & racial purification of Sindhi community.”fortunately Pakistani military the sources stated that many miscreants had been killed while at least a dozen people, included Rangers personnel, suffered injuries in the military operation, which took place in rural Sakrand village in Sindh’s Benazirabad valley.

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