Sarim Burney was arrested by FIA for human trafficking.

FIA arrested previous rights activist Sarim Burney for human trafficking, based on sources, Burney has sold more than 25 children to childless couples in the USA.

According, to the FIR registered on Sarim Burney, some shocking facts came out about how human trafficking was done under the umbrella of trusts. Additionally, solid evidence was sent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, USA, to the Director of the Federal Investigation Agency, FIA, Pakistan.

Based on FIR, FIA claimed that more than 25 innocent children were sold to American couples in the United States of America. Whereas, Sarim Burney charged 3,000 US dollars from each couple per child, three other accused have also been arrested who were allied with Sarim.

Sarim Burney also changed the original names

The FIR has been registered with No. 126/2024, filed by Sub-Inspector of FIA, Bilal Ahmed of the Anti-Human Trafficking Circle in Malir Court. Furthermore, the allegations registered against Sarim Burney for the human trafficking of innocent kids from Pakistan to childless couples in the United States have made eye-catching revelations.

According to the FIR, the investigating officer has written that former Director Karachi Zone Zaim Iqbal sent a letter to the circle, which also referred to a letter from the US Diplomatic Service of the US Consul General, Karachi about Sarim Burney.

The Sarim Burney Welfare Trust has been involved in the human trafficking of innocent kids from Pakistan to the United States and facilitating their immigration. Additionally, inquiry No. 273/2024 was registered on the letter, and an investigation was initiated.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the trust sometimes bought newborn children from greedy people, and Sarim Burny forced people to pay two to three lakh rupees.

Moreover, sometimes some parents were also forced by Burny to leave their kids themselves. But Sarim Burney lied and he declared those children left unattended parents in front of his trust building. As many parents also handed over their children to trust could have a better future and move to the United States of America.

Moreover, Sarim Burney also changed the original names of the little kids and registered them with a new name by declaring them abandoned in the family courts.

Later on, the children were given to American childless couples after receiving payments ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 dollars, and the children were being sold in the United States.

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