Sindh Wildlife Department will celebrate world Sparrows Day.

Traditionally on March 17th, the entire world celebrates worldwide Sparrows Day. May humanity provide a sparrow chances to live peacefully to whistle on this particular day each year. We respect a sparrow & this bird celebrates beneath the moniker of sparrows.

During the internationally sparrow day, people from numerous countries organize a variety of celebrations and activities, the primary purpose of which consists of to gaze upon and collect sparrows within their surroundings without bothering birds.

Karachi citizens are looking for sparrow over The World Sparrow Day!

These endeavors concentrate on beneficial to the environment & farmer-friendly birds, along with the issues birds impart. In specific countries, such acts are deemed significant.

This year, the Sindh Wildlife Department and a consortium of photographers of wildlife partnered to set up an initiative that will track & record sparrow across different parts of the country.

Click on Link given below to participate in this census:

The citizen-led sparrows survey has been scheduled for 17th March across several parts of Karachi. By the 20th of March the outcomes are going to be made publicly. Furthermore, films & photographs concerning the birds spotted throughout the outing will also be taken at those places.

Findings of the sightings will be made available to the public online on 20th March.

Wild Life Department Government of Sindh has made available will eventually be filled with common persons, who have signed up eager to get involved.

Memon Goth of Malir Town of Karachi along with the neighboring Gadap Town, Bahria Town, Steel Town, Hill Park, Kidney Hills, Sadar, Defense, Clifton, Lyari, Korangi, Burns Road, Pakistan Chowk, NED University, as well Karachi University areas are scheduled to be visited by teams of wildlife photographers, undergraduates, social workers, as well as citizens intrigued in the census data.

The Sparrow are expected to be seen in those particular places between between the hours of 8 and 9 a.m. & 5 and 6 p.m

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