Human Rights Crisis in Balochistan

Thousands of Baloch women protesting in Islamabad concerning the purported unlawful death of younger Baloch guys.

Mahrang Baloch is a Baloch human rights activist that has come out concerning illegally disappearances & unlawful killings by Pakistani law enforcement agencies in Balochistan. She told the Sindh Time that they have issued list Human Rights Crisis committed by Pakistan and how Pakistani Forces, forcibly disappearing Baloch youngsters are every month. Mah Rang Baloch also shared following list of Baloch people who are forcibly disappeared in the month of December.

Balochistan is largest territory, encompassing exactly 43.6% of the total territory of Pakistan. The Balochistan has abundant with natural assets such as copper, gold, crude petroleum, & gas from natural sources, as well as boasts a 770-kilometer (478-mile) length of beachfront that includes the crucial the Gwadar port, which is an essential component for the economic corridor between China and Pakistan.
The Pakistani government treatment inflicted toward the Baloch marching participants. It’s hardly the result that the Baloch women were expecting for before they traveled onto the dangerous travel along their kids to find vengeance on their family members.

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