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Benny Gantz doesn’t represent Jerusalem during the United States journey.

The Israeli military cabinet minister fails to represent the Israeli government while his trip to the US.

Benny Gantz Israeli military cabinet minster and political advisor to Netanyahu will be making a three day its journey to the United States in which he is scheduled to speak with the vice president of US Kamala Harris and Secretary of State, Antony Blinken during his stay.

The Israeli source highlighted that the Prime Minister Netanyahu keeps a “Opening communication” with Joe Biden’s administration and stated that the two have communicated numerous instances over the October 7 attacks, teasing that Gantz’s involvement is redundant.

Since the dispute started out, Gantz’s National Unity party has increased among opinion surveys, whereas Netanyahu’s Conservative has been falling. National Unity had been against after Hamas mounted an assault upon Israel early Saturday, October 7, however Gantz decided to comply with the coalition government and became an element of the freshly established wartime cabinets during the deadly assault.

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