Israel Ghaza war

Israel destroys scores in bombing across Palestine

10 police officers died in Al-Shejaia when collecting relief for the refugees in northwest Gaza.

Israel intensified the airborne & tactical bombing on the territory of Gaza, murdering hundreds of Palestinians while violence flared near Gaza City’s famous Al Shifa hospital, based on sources.

According to sources, several Israeli airstrikes targeting the Al-Shejaia region in eastern Gaza’s capital killed 17 individuals, and an Israeli missile over an apartment building in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the middle Gaza Strip has killing 8.

Israeli soldiers launched operations in central and southern locations, particularly Khan Younis and Al-Karara, wherein soldiers opened artillery against Palestinian gunmen ultimately killing them while recovering guns & missiles.

Israeli began their shelling on Rafah, beleaguered Palestinians’ remaining haven, wherein over half of Gaza’s 2.5 million residents were resting.

Moreover, 10,000 individuals have been reported to have been trapped beneath debris, and over over 80% of people have been displaced demolished putting many in jeopardy of hunger.

As per Israeli estimations, the fighting began when Hamas fighters infiltrated across the border as well as wreaked havoc on southern Israeli towns and villages, murdering 1,200 residents and kidnapping 254.

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