Californian Sikhs casting votes for being a separate India

It’s a bustling Saturday inside the California Gurdwara Bradshaw.

It’s a bustling Saturday inside the California Gurdwara Bradshaw, that is bordered by ranches and shopping centers.

A group of people gathers near the entrance of the intriguing, sparkling white shrine, preparing for an elopement. Devotional music is played over loudspeaker in early morning hours, walking across the outer edges of the towering edifice, you’ll come across everything other things: an ocean of brilliant yellow flag imprinted by big, blue writing spelling exactly a word: Khalistan

Khalistan is not visible on any kind of map, although it is an imaginary country for certain Sikhs who want to form a nation separate from India. Following last year’s murderous attempted targeting a Sikh activist in the United States of America, Sikhs have grown more assertive in their calls for a sovereign nation. The Department of Justice charged an Indian person for participating in collusion.

Sikhs belong to an ethnic and spiritual group that evolved in the region that is now the Indian state of Punjab. There is approximately half one million Sikhs in the United States, majority of whom residing in California.

A lengthy collection of transport taxis & automobiles snakes through the Gurdwara parking area, indicating that Sikhs are becoming an increasing number of the drivers of trucks in States. The caravan has been getting ready for its journey to the roadways of California & its wide environs.

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