Pakistan focuses its relationships with USA

Prime Minister Shehbaz interacts to Joe Biden the country’s readiness to cooperate with the US for global security and development in the region.

The PM included, Pakistan is ready to work together with United States achieving the shared objective of international stability and security as well as the growth and prosperity across the geography,” as a reply of the US presidential letters that was made publicly by the office of the prime minister.

He pointed out that Pakistan considered its relationships to the United States “essential relevance” including claimed that both nations were working together upon important initiatives in the fields of electrical power, environmental degradation, and education, health, and agriculture.

In his letter, Joe stated that “The United States of America will keep working together with Pakistan in confronting some of the most important international and national problems of the present moment.

The historic relationship among both of our countries continues essential for safeguarding the well-being of our citizens and fellow citizens throughout across the globe.”

That includes advancing shared shared objectives of better nutritional safety, growth in the economy, including universal equitable schooling.

“All of us are going to keep working improving our environmental adaptability, promote healthy farming and water administration, including help Pakistan rebound after the catastrophic floods that occurred in 2022 using our US-Pakistan ‘Green Alliance’ guidelines,” the press release reads. After the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, Pakistan is no more an immediate concern for the United States, even though Pakistan remains essential to security in the region and terrorist operations.

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