Celebration of Food Day by SFA & Organization of United Nations

The celebration of World Food Day was commemorated at the Jamshoro, Sindh on the bank of the River Indus as an part of the Purify the Indus River campaign by the Food & Agricultural Organizations of the United Nations (FAO) both as well as Sindh Food Authority (which represents Sindh Food Department), over 300 undergraduates, along with delegates from NGOs, government departments, with farming families.

Agha Fakkhar Hussain Director General Sindh Food Authority, Government of Sindh expressed his views to Sindh Time News that, The subject of the celebration for World Food Day in 2023 is “The Water is Life and Freshwater is Nutrition.” Never put anyone alone. The subject attempts to bring attention to just how essential water is for living in the way we know water as well as how water provides the fundamental components of the food we eat. Although the supply of water is being jeopardized by growing urbanization, industrialization, growing populations, & the effects of climate change, it’s additionally strives at boosting the worldwide awareness for the value of managing water resources.

Every year on October 16, the celebration of World Food Day raises consciousness regarding starvation & motivates actions regarding the improvement of nutrition, human beings, & the environment as a whole. In the year 1979, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) declared the 16th of October as the International Day of Food. In her opening address, Florence Rolle, the FAO’s ambassador in Pakistan, highlighted the significance of farming in Pakistan, stating that since of its huge irrigation area, it ranks as the the third-larges throughout the entire globe.

The carefully considered selection of Jam-shoro’s place was made possible because of the region’s high proportion of rural communities as well as significant contaminants by plastic waste. In his final remarks, Agha Fakher Hussain, the director general of the Sindh Food Authority, expressed gratitude all those who attended as well as Florence Rolle, the FAO a good representation in Pakistan, specifically for choosing the venue for providing this amazing as well interesting speech. Water’s relevance for the production of food, agriculture, & security of food was another point he addressed. As a way to honor the amazing Indus River, everyone who participated afterwards took delight in an initiative to gather trash along its banks & sprinkle rosé petals on it.

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