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There’s nowhere for Palestinians to seek shelter from Israeli attacks.

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  • Gaza infrastructure has been damaged
  • white phosphorus that Israel is accused of using in Gaza
  • Israel-Hamas war: List of key events, day 7
  • Fear, confusion as Israel issues evacuation order for Gaza
  • Israel attacks on Gaza refugee camp kills dozens people

White phosphorus bombing by Israel in Gaza & Lebanon putting populations in peril.

Israel’s use of white phosphorous in densely populated areas comes against its constitutionally mandated duty to implement every feasible precaution towards safeguarding populations. During airburst over densely populated towns and cities, white phosphorus can dangerously indiscriminately & may burn destroy houses & seriously harm innocent people. White phosphorus, which may result in catastrophic and life-threatening blisters, is capable of being utilized to produce smokescreens, identify targets of enemies, & eliminate them. Although it has been explicitly banned by international law.

More than 1,500 Palestinians have been killed & 6,600 were seriously injured in Israeli airstrikes over Gaza. Without the safeguarding of a strong defense infrastructures such is reality for Palestinians who reside in Gaza. More over 2.5 million Palestinians residing throughout the beleaguered region, fifty percent of them are adolescents, rely on intermittent communications or messages via text by the Israeli military informing residents of oncoming attacks because there aren’t any alert systems or bomb-proof structures.

Israeli aircraft have been aggressively striking the territory of Gaza for the sixth day, annihilating communities & hitting buildings while civilians the inside. A pair of houses that belonged to the families of al-Masri & al-Hasani in Gaza City’s Shati (Beach) refugee camp on the eastern Mediterranean coastline were targets of bombings. Israel claims to have bombed the beleaguered enclave, some of the densestly occupied areas of the earth, over 6,000 missiles over six-day period.

Parallel aircraft attacks accross the territory of Gaza were carried out as a reaction of the Israeli attack on the Shati camp. More than 31 Shihab family members, mostly women and children, have been reported killed during an Israeli raid on their place of residence in Jabalia, the largest refugee camp in northern Gaza.

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