Donald Lu appeared before the US House of Congress

American ambassador desires Pakistan to examine the voting process and perhaps repeat convinced elections

Donlad Lu attended to the United States House of Members of Congress, Donald Lu Highlights ‘Irregularities’ In General Elections 2024 and there he dismissed accusations of US meddling on the downfall of government of previous Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

What did Donald Lu say during his hearing!

Joe Wilson, the chairman of the United States House Committee for Foreign Affairs, interrogated to Donald Lu throughout allegations raised by Imran Khan, the previous leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party, after his trips to the Russian Federation, Washington ordered that Imran Khan be dismissed from his office “We didn’t do that” ?

According to Donald Lu, there was no “contractor” engaged in the procedure.

At the hearing, when Donald Lu was asked, if some people blame on him for regime change operation in Pakistan, can he talk about it? Donald Low replied that “I or any of the American were not involved” that regime change operation in Pakistan.

Chairman Joe Wilson asked Donald Lu over the military’s meddling in Pakistani politics. The reacting, Donald Lu explained that whereas the Pakistani military is an important institution within Pakistan, both current & prior American governments respect the constitution’s mandate which the military stay under democratic control & report to the president, who functions as the the supreme leader.

when Donald Lu was asked by Chairman, if US aid to Pakistan was stopped on the grounds of not voting at the UN against Russian intervention in Ukraine, Donald Lu replied “No”

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