Humans’ smugglers escalate their atrocities in Pakistan

Ten Pakistani citizens have been kidnapped & tortured by human traffickers, who had offered those people for better future in Europe.

Pakistan: Criminals in Pakistan using the support of subordinate agents, recording & torture immigrants trying to reach the continent of Europe, capture their agony, & share footage back back to their individual relatives so they can to collect cash for their beloved ones’ safety return.

During the last month, several comparable incidents have been documented, wherein more than ten young guys endured cruelty & detained by these criminal organizations. A few of these individuals accepted cash for their release, whereas others were granted liberty through Iranian security with cooperation of the Pakistani consulate within Iran.

Whenever Sarwar came in Iran, he demanded $2,500 from each of the three in order to send them to Europe. Three of them begged their relatives in Pakistan regarding cash. When their families failing to gather the needed funds. Sarwar shipped people towards a three-story residence in Tehran, saying he would handle their trip for just a few hundreds dollars.

when they arrived at the residence, those who were inside grabbed us and locked them in an empty cell. After a full day, up to four individuals wore face masks supplied people drinks after brutally beating people.

They additionally recorded the beatings and sent emails video to their relatives in Pakistan, urging $5,000 for each to secure release of those people.

Husnain succeeded to run away from the kidnappers’ imprisonment prior to Iranian authorities would discover locate the whereabouts of those criminals according to intelligence supplied by Pakistan Embassy. A Pakistani taxi driver helped him in reaching his family members back in Pakistan.

In the meantime, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Punjab arrested Muhammad Sarwar shortly after he traveled to Pakistan after “marketing” all three men to the criminal group. As stated by Husnain’s siblings, Muhammad Moazzam, all three of the victims continue to struggle to come back out of this terrible event.

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