Dow Medical University has turned into an illicit drug addict’s heaven, both male and female doctors ingesting narcotics.

Youngsters are most precious asset of development and growth of any developing nation.

Due to the dearth of attention from their parents, youths might engage in illicit activities like consumption of drugs in learning institutions, leading to an obstacle to productive adolescence.

Doctors enrolled at Pakistan’s premier medical university acquired addictions to drugs. Supply of and sell of drugs have been supported by officers of concerned police station & Dow Medical University management, drug consumption and selling have risen to a record-breaking level. Many female students at Dow University of Health Sciences started consuming narcotics within their hostels & eateries.

Specialists at Pakistani highest quality medical university use drugs freely!

Use of drugs & sales reached at highest levels. Countless female and male doctors of Dow University of Health Science pupils started using cocaine within their hostel & eateries. The sales of narcotics are carried out with the watchful gaze of police officers from the appropriate police station along with certain significant personalities of Dow Medical University administration.

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