IMF mission will arrive in Pakistan to update agreement

IMF, International Monetary Fund, IMF team is expected to visit Pakistan this month to discuss innovation.

Pakistan has recently received three billion dollars of international assistance from the IMF to preserve democratic expectations. However, the Pakistani Prime Minister is seeking further rescue packages supporting permanent aspirations.

The International Monetary Fund’s IMF, team has been scheduled to arrive in Pakistan in May to review the FY25 budget, regulations, and improvements as part of a possible fresh initiative for the benefit of every Pakistani. However, the 350 billion dollar economic bail-out package has recovered the country’s economy with the previous IMF programs with inflationary.

IMF mission will arrive in Pakistan to update agreement

The government continues to struggle despite a huge financial deficit from IMF. Pakistan succeeded in lowering their foreign accounts deficits by import curbs & policies.

Pakistan is projected to apply for a minimum of 6 billion dollars & propose additional funding from the IMF through its Endurance & Sustainability Foundation.

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