Petroleum costs increased up to Rs. 9.66 per liter

The recently constituted leadership boosted prices of petroleum up Rs9.66 per liter.

The recently constituted leadership boosted prices of petroleum up Rs9.66 per liter to stay the coming two weeks, in advance of Eidul Fitr. The Ministry of Finance notified in accordance with the suggestions of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), that a revised cost of gasoline will take effect from 1st April 2024. The High-speed diesel (HSD) has dropped in pricing by Rs3.32 to Rs282.24 per liter, but petroleum has gone up in prices to Rs289.41 each liter from Rs279.75 per liter before.

In accordance to the ministry, the cost reductions have been brought about by an equivalent rise in gas costs plus a decline of the selling price of HSD in the worldwide market. It additionally stated that the modification would compliant to the government’s strategy of representing changes in foreign price levels in the home marketplace.

The federal government reduced the cost of HSD by Rs1.77 per litre to Rs285.56 & left the selling price of gasoline fixed at Rs279.75 per liter in its last biweekly review. It had been anticipated that the average cost of gasoline will increase, mostly because of increased import taxes and worldwide costs.

However, the selling price of HSD remained lower in the international market as a whole, but Pakistan State Oil (PSO) continue to pay the same $6.50 per barrel importing premium. On result, it was predicted that the retail price of high-speed diesel fuel would drop from Rs1.30 to Rs2.50 per liter, depending on the final foreign exchange rate modification.

As authorities reported that the average cost of gasoline jumped by approximately $4 per barrel to $94.5 in the two weeks prior, while the cost of HSD decreased by roughly 60 cents per barrel to $98.4. The value of the currency has gotten better as well, resulting in the rupees rising by approximately a dollar to $278.6 during the preceding two weeks.

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