Israel Ghaza war

The IDF transfers 13 Israelis & 4 Thai detainees to Egyptians

Reportedly by the Israeli Defense Forces, Hamas prisoners were recently delivered to Cairo & are currently on a journey toward Israel. The Israeli Defense Forces verified reported 13 among the hostage are Israelis, while the other 4 are Thai nationals. According the Israeli the armed forces, the captive caravan is presently winding a journey across Egyptian to its rendezvous site at Kerem shalom an agricultural community in southern Israel.

A certain number of foreign nationals were additionally granted liberty, but there has been considerable disagreement over exactly much.
As reported by Doha, four individuals have been granted liberty freed, while the Israeli Defense Forces & Hamas claim that 7 were given up. We are trying to confirm the figures & will give further information once we get verification.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) also stated the imprisoned households had been brought to this speed. According to the the IDF, Hamas, & Qatari reports, Thirteen Israeli pows have recently turned over to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza & now on their way to the Rafah crossing. Several foreign nationals have also been freed.

Early this past week, both sides agreed to set free 50 captives detained in Gaza following a four-day cease-fire. The deal is expected to end in the freedom of 150 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons plus an enormous rise in humanitarian aid permitted to Gaza. Last Friday, 60 vehicles delivering healthcare products, gasoline, & foodstuffs arrived via Cairo.

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