Israel Ghaza war

The Rafah border crossing point that is so crucial in the conflict

Story Highlights
  • The very first wave of wounded migrants arrives in Egyptian in Gaza via the Rafah gate.
  • The border crossing that is so crucial in this conflict
  • The important Rafah crossing point during the ensuing war

Emergency assistance lorries are usually prevented in transporting essential amounts of nourishment, funding, & medications, while Egyptian accusing Israeli of bombing the Rafah gate & limiting circulation. significant amount of armored vehicles & weapons of mass destruction have been set up upon both sides of the main roadway leading across the crossing the point, along with an array of paramedics.

According to the Palestinian military authorities, 101 critically ill Palestinian residents are going to be permitted to cross into Egypt today for medical attention. A gathering of activists carrying Palestinian banners shouted “Freedom Palestine!” & “Freedom Gaza!” near the Rafah border.

As the very first occasion because the conflict begun over three weeks before, the Rafah crossing gate separating Gaza & Cairo has reopened, allowing people with injuries to leave the confines of the enclave.
Egypt condemned Israel’s continues airstrikes in Gaza “in the most severe words” following it bombed three refugee camps during its pursuit targeting Hamas leadership & soldiers.

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