Under-age Hindu girl married after conversion to Islam in Sindh

A little girl, Neena had been kidnapped from her home, after conversion to Islam she wedded away to Mehdi Hassan in Kot Ghulam Mohammad.

Neena, a little girl belonging to the Gujarati community in Kot Ghulam Muhammad, had previously been referred to as Jamesabad, as it had been named after Captain H. E. M. James on his service in the Battle of Miani at Hyderabad. Under British administration, the city became known as Jamesabad, formerly called Samaro. Kot Ghulam Muhammad Bhurgari Taluka is an extremely significant and largest taluka of District Mirpurkhas.

A little girl Neena belonging to the Gujarati community who lived in Kot Ghulam Mohammad, was reported missing approximately 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. on April 2024. Her family discovered she had gone away by the early hours of the morning. The teenager’s relatives claimed Mehdi Hassan, who also known as Mido Khaskheli, was implicated in her abduction.

Mehdi reportedly changed Neena’s religion through the Pir Sarhandi shrine before married her. Mehdi was double older than a Neena and already had a marriage with a trio of kids, stated Neena’s brother, Jeevan.

How may an already married guy remarry twice without his previous wife’s authorization? Jeevan asked

The little girl’s dad, Ashok, spoke with Sindh Time News over telephone and stated that he had visited the authorities and submitted a First Information Report (FIR). However, the police have been reported having rejected submitting a FIR, instead employing delaying strategies, probably in order to give defendant Mehdi plenty of opportunity to change the girl’s beliefs.

Neena is the second of Ashok’s kids. He & his family members feel helpless & depressed since the person accused got police support on changing their daughter’s belief. This is not the very first instance of a conversation in which law enforcement officers had been unambiguously observed helping the suspected culprit in reaching a monastery that converted the child’s faith preceding the wedding handed off to another man. subsequently, the police justified themselves for not filing an FIR, stating the girl had switched to Islam.

While questioned to Jevan about the legislation known as the Child Marriage Restraint Act, that prohibits girls and boys from marriage after they achieve their age of adulthood. Jeevan replied that the entire family will have to fight to restore their child’s freedom; contrary, their attempts would prove meaningless.

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