A little child was raped and murdered by Pakistani Army soldier in Sindh

A 13-year-old boy was killed at Chhor Cantonment in the province of Sindh. While report has been registered against Pakistani Army’s Ardali, and defendant soldier came into army.

Ali Hassan Mangrio, suffered sexual assault & later on killed by Pakistan Army soldier inside Chhor cantonment area in Umerkot, Sindh. After extensive community protests & revolt, complaint was finally lodged against the charged Pakistani military official, who will have to be prosecuted according with the law.

As per sources, the charged individual brought dead body to the cantonment area, after where his dead body was found in the woodland outside CMH hospital, Chhor Cantonment.

According to the official Umerkot Hospital, the kid had died after having been smothered using ropes or cable, leaving an adhesive imprint on the surface of his throat.

Furthermore, torturing wounds were seen around the stomach & forehead. Gul Hassan Mangreo, the deceased’s sibling and resident of Khet Singh village in Chhor, registered a complaint at the Chhor police station. He alleges that his sibling Ali Hassan tended to the the buffaloes whereas the accused browsed livestock belonged to the Army’s barracks in the neighboring territories, which is where they become associated.

Owing to the complaint, the accused person bought honey through Ali Hassan however failed to pay him. Upon repeated stress, the accused person shipped him into the camp & accepted a payment, but was ultimately afterward abused sexually and killed him.

The person filing the complaint alleged when Ali Hassan, the victim, did not come back, they rushed to the culprit to ask about him, however Pakistan Army troops ignored the matter until the body of the victim turned up. The horrible happening once more exposes the Pakistani Army’s lawlessness & the barbaric methods they employ to oppress the population.

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