Warning rises in incidents of harassment with women in Pakistan.

Faisalabad ranks as the worst-affected area, having 728 recorded incidents of sexual assault during 2023.

In 2023, Faisalabad surfaced became the nerve center for a terrifying raise of assaults against women, reaching 728 cases. Investigation flings a spotlight on increasing number of instances of sexual assaults, rape, kidnapping, & honor killings targeting women in both Sindh and Punjab provinces.

In a similar vein Punjab encountered an alarming circumstances, having 10,201 reported cases of assault against women. Aggression against women happened in every one of the districts of the Punjab province, particularly Lahore registering a fretting 1,464 occurrences.

Sheikhupura & Kasur trailed promptly with 1,198 & 877 cases, accordingly.Simultaneously, rape cases increased alarmingly throughout the province.

In 2023, there were 6,624 cases reported overall, which is 12% more than the 5,890 cases that were reported in 2022.With 728 recorded cases, Faisalabad emerged as the most impacted district, followed by Lahore (721) and Sargodha (398).

The study also included a detailed account of the concerning increase in kidnapping instances, with 626 occurrences recorded in Punjab. Most severely impacted places included Vehari (26), Faisalabad (30), and Lahore (136). Despite 120 incidents recorded, killings for honor continues to be an awful fact of life. The locations that were hardest hit were Rajanpur (8), Jhang (8), & Rahim Yar Khan (9).

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