The murder of Sindhi activist Hidayatullah Lohar raised big reaction.

The murder of Sindh activist Hidayatullah Lohar in Pakistan calls for international reaction.

Hidayat Lohar, an iconic Sindhi political activist & father of Sound for Missing People of Sindh (VMPS) activists Sorth Lohar & Sasai Lohar, was gunned down by masked gunmen in Naseerabad Tehsil, Kamber Shahdadkot.

Hidayat Lohar was allegedly forced and abducted by Pakistani troops on April 17, 2017, & July 2019, while his children were working ruthlessly seeking his return. Since the early 1980s, the skilled lecturer became a political activist and played a vital part in Sindh’s political panorama.

Lohar’s daughters’ sit-in demonstration continues to take place at Naseerabad, Larkana Bypass, near Hidayat Lohar’s body, headed by Sasai Lohar. Politically motivated community, human rights, & nationalist organizations in both Sindh and Balochistan have been vehemently denouncing the killing, and several are blaming Pakistani security forces.

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